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Thursday, 08 December 2016
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If you are reading this blog it means that you are searching for a cooking class because you are a cooking lover or maybe you just want to have some fun learning something new.


It’s ok both cases because I attended several classes in the past, before becoming a pro, just for fun or to improving my skills.


So I can say to be quite expert in cooking classes either as customer or teacher and I want to give a few tips to choose the right class, that fits the best for you and to have a better awareness of what you are going to face when you sign for a class.



Don’t even think to sign for a cooking class without checking this 7 points:


Thursday, 03 December 2015
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This is the first post in the both, italian and english, version of my blog, in which I'll light on some aspects concerning my work and I write in my native language to speak to the tour operators, travel agents, tourist guides in Italy as well....


I, personally, work on classes for tourists in my cooking school One Day Chef in Rome that is the first to have structured a location with individual workstations in which up to 16 people can cook at the same time; those who know me already know what I'm saying, but sometimes it is good to point out certain things, fool-proof.


One Day Chef is the only culinary school in Rome for tourists, full stop.


At this time, after reading the previous sentence, someone will think "Wow that's cool" and someone else instead, "Ah Mattè (roman slang to call for my name)what are you saying? I did classes at the home of aunt , grandmother and cousins in countryside ". Whether you did the first or the second statement read on the article because it will surely get you thinking.


Friday, 20 November 2015
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Hi everybody

Today’s article it’s about something really crucial in the italian cuisine: bread.

I want to say something about that because it’s the base of the italian diet and sometimes it’s a little underrated food.

When my guests reach my culinary school, they find a little aperitif before starting a cooking class with me and I usually do a kind of focaccia, wich we romans call Pizza Bianca (white pizza), but I noticed that  my american friends call that  just “Bread”.

Monday, 02 November 2015
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Hi there, my name is Matteo Ferroni and I’m  the person in charge for One Day Chef, the cooking school for tourists in Rome, and this is the very first  post for this brand new section of our website: the Blog.

It’s still on progress and this is just the first step of a long run.


Cheff Matteo


My style may will be unconventional for a “chef” sometimes, but I want to be easy as possible to understand; that’s the reason why I gave a weird headline to this post, I love american sports so I will use metaphors like theese in my blog.


I speak to those who wants to cook italian food, taught by a roman chef, starting from basic level to improve cooking skills.


By this blog I want to give some free contents: info, tips, advice, recipes, interesting stories about food, cooking and Rome, wich is my birthplace.

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