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One Day Chef's kitchen is designed and tooled up as your house's one is.
Our mission is teaching you how to cook tipical roman and italian food and making you able to replicate it in your  house.
This is the reason why one Day Chef is fully equiped but furnished as an average italian kitchen. This is the way to create an hospitable and family room
just like our country is, in wich you will feel yourself as in your house.

You can find One Day Chef in Viale Carlo Felice 25.
We are between San Giovanni in Laterano's Basilica, one of the most ancient and important Rome's church, and Santa Croce in Gerusalemme's Basilica, where are kept some pieces of Holy Cross.
It's very easy to reach us by underground "A line" in San Giovanni stop and by several buses or trains.

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  • Viale Carlo Felice, 25 - 00185 Roma
  • 06 6066 6557